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The property of no person shall be taken for public use without just compensation.

About IET’s Legal Representation

IET landowners have engaged Domina Law Group and Brian Jorde to assist Iowa landowners with all aspects of the path ahead from education and organization to representing landowners in front of the Iowa Utilities Board and for negotiating standard easement terms if these proposed carbon projects ever get approved.

For years Domina Law Group and its lawyers have been representing landowners across the Midwest and around the County in eminent domain battles and pipeline fights. For the last 12 years Brian Jorde, trial lawyer and managing partner of Domina Law Group, has worked with and side-by-side hundreds of landowners in all aspects of property right education, landowner legal challenges to proposed pipeline projects, and handled hundred of lawsuits and appeals including constitutional challenges and condemnation litigation.

Most notably Brian represented over one hundred families in an over decade-long fight against TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline. Due to the efforts of Domina Law and its over 220 lawsuits and appeals handled, TransCanada, the second largest pipeline company in the world, finally gave up on the multi-billion-dollar project and Brian negotiated a complete release of all easements and a return of his clients’ land to exactly how it was before TransCanada condemned their property.

Similar to IET for Iowa, Brian and his partner Dave Domina, helped landowners create the Nebraska Easement Action Team (NEAT). This organization allowed landowners to join together early on to create a formidable landowner coalition that ultimately was effective in all of its goals. Brian also assisted Wisconsin landowners in their battle against Enbridge, the largest pipeline company in the world, and after Brian’s involvement resisting Enbridge’s Wisconsin Public Service Commission application, the pipeline company re-routed around all of Brian’s clients, the WEAT landowners, and they declared victory.

Beyond these two major landowner resistance efforts, Brian has spoken across the country and consulted on countless other fights against giant corporations and their eminent domain abuses teaching lawyers and advocates and landowners how to best organize legal resistance and mapping out strategies for success.

Brian has been interviewed hundreds of times by local, state, national, and international news publications for his landowner related legal work. Brian is a licensed Iowa lawyer in good standing and routinely assists Iowa clients with their important legal matters.

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