The property of no person shall be taken for public use without just compensation.

Summit Carbon Solutions, LLC (Summit) filed its Iowa Petition (Application) for Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Permit with the Iowa Utility Board (IUB) on Friday January 28, 2022. This means it is officially time for concerned landowners and others to get busy defending property and constitutional rights against Summit’s planned eminent domain use for their private gain.

To View Summit’s filings and the select data they have made public go here:

Enter Docket Number:     HLP-2021-0001

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Summit failed to make publicly available its Exhibit H, list of affected landowners, however, affected landowners may be able to determine if your land is on their proposed pipeline route by reviewing pages 10-41 of this:

Summit’s Project Description:

Summit’s Iowa Overview Map:

Summit’s Highway and Railroad Crossings by Iowa County: