Iowa Easement Team


The property of no person shall be taken for public use without just compensation.

What is the Iowa Easement Team (IET)?

The Iowa Easement Team is a grass roots organization established for the benefit of landowners affected by proposed Carbon Pipelines in Iowa. Landowner constitutional and property rights and interests must be protected no matter what actions are taken by Pipeline Companies or State Agencies. IET’s number one goal is landowner education around your property rights and how and what to fight for in any easement, the contract determining CO2 pipeline rights to your land and obligations to you, should you be forced to negotiate an easement.

IET is a landowner organized and run group designed to help educate and empower other Iowa landowners to understand the options available to you to protect your land and future. IET is working closely with a legal team and landowner organizers to build a statewide network of concerned and affected persons to join together as one powerful group.

Should I join IET?

If you believe that a single landowner or single Iowa family can adequately protect yourself and your land against billion-dollar companies and their wealth and politically connected owners and financial backers, then you don’t need to join IET. However, if you believe that a large group of connected Iowa landowners, organizers, a legal team, and pipeline experts has better odds of success against these Carbon Pipeline entities, then yes, join your neighbors and friends today!

Iowa Easement Team’s strategy is to:

    • Organize affected Iowa landowners and their supporters to leverage our collective resources.
    • Educate Iowa landowners on the fight ahead and legal and strategic options you have.
    • Provide landowners legal representation during the Iowa Utility Board legal process and Appeals as necessary.
    • As a last resort, negotiate the best possible easement terms to protect your property interests for you and future generations.

Informational Meetings

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Did you see our billboard?  

During the 2023 Okoboji Winter Games, Iowa Easement Team sponsored a digital billboard: “Google Satartia CO2 Pipeline” — to call attention to the serious safety risks posed by CO2 pipelines, as evidenced by the 2020 Denbury CO2 pipeline rupture in Satartia, MS.

Did you hear our radio ad?  

The Iowa Easement Team landowners produced a radio ad playing in rural markets and online in Iowa that details what happened during the 2020 incident in Satartia, MS where a carbon pipeline operated by Denbury Resources ruptured, causing an explosive release of carbon in an immense plume, which was later found by a government-issued report to be toxic for more than a mile from the site of the accident, which was caused by a girth weld failure following a landslide after heavy rain.

The ad then cuts to a 911 recording from a victim who is very concerned and confused about what is happening after her car has stalled – a direct result of the high CO2 concentration making the combustion engine nonfunctional – and her friend is having what she believes is a seizure.

The 911 recording was used with permission from journalist Dan Zegart, who obtained it via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in the course of his extensive reporting on the pipeline accident for his article, “The Gassing of Satartia.”

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